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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance – Remove the skimmer baskets, heaters, slide, any wall fittings, vacuums, pool cleaners, ladders, handrails, or anything else that shouldn’t be in the pool. Scoop out any debris on the top and bottom of the pool using a good leaf rake. At this point you may want to invest in a winter conditioner or a winterization swimming pool water treatment kit to keep your pool water chemistry on track. You can reach us at 0123699012 for your swimming pool maintenance needs.




Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance tips

• Pay closer attention to the chlorine level of your swimming pool water in the future. Algae and harmful bacteria are almost immediately destroyed by a free chlorine level of 1 ppm or higher. You have experienced an algae problem because you have not properly maintained the chlorine level, and it was allowed to drop below 1 ppm. Test pool water frequently and make any necessary adjustments for a clean, safe and easy to for Swimming pool maintenance .

• Chlorine pool shock needs to be dissolved in a large bucket of water before it is added to the swimming pool. Always add chemicals to water when dissolving. NEVER add water to chemicals.

• Monitor your pool filter system closely during this entire process and thoroughly backwash or clean the filter each time the pressure rises 10 psi. above the normal operating pressure. The dead algae that your pool filter collects may quickly dirty the filter, and need to be cleaned out frequently.

• Phosphate Levels – high levels of phosphates in pool water will result in your pool using much more chlorine than usual. They are also one of the main food sources for algae, therefore it is important to have these levels checked fairly regularly especially if the pool seems to be using more chlorine than usual. A pool with a particularly bad case uses approximately 2.5 times the amount of chlorine that it should have, making it very difficult to maintain.

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