Robotic Pool Cleaner (Dolphin M400 Series by Matronics )

Technology & Features :

  • Dolphin M400 series provides highly efficient pool cleaning for pools up to 50ft in length. Advanced systems ensure accurate scanning for systematic coverage of floor, walls and water-line, leaving clean and hygienic water throughout.
  •  Dolphin’s patented swivel cables eliminate tangled cables forever! As your Dolphin moves around the pool, the swivel ensures that the cable stays free and clear, allowing for complete pool coverage.
  • Advanced scanning software and gyroscopic navigation system ensure floors and walls are fully covered using the most efficient route. The Dolphin automatically navigates around obstacles and quickly returns to its cleaning pattern.
  • Dual drive-motor for optimal pool maneuverability and coverage, regardless of shape, slope and obstacles.
  • Dual-level filtering ensures clog-free operation in any pool conditions. Use the net filter at the start of season to clear rough debris; for regular use, catch fine and rough dirt with the ultra-fine filter cartridge.
  • For easy storage and handling. Top-access filtration system – with quick, no-mess emptying and washing.

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Robotic Pool Cleaners (Model : Hayward –TigerShark2 )

Technology & Features :

  • On-board intelligent computer calculates pool size and most efficient cleaning pattern.
  • Scours pool bottom, walls, inclines and steps for a complete clean during facility downtime.
  • Preset 7-Hour clean cycle automatically turns off when done.
  • Powerful on-board pump sucks up dirt and debris.
  • 24V motor uses less energy and provides the most efficient vacuum strength when compared to other cleaners.
  • Patented easy-clean removable cartridge can be rinsed with a garden hose.
  • TigerShark 2 Plus includes wireless remote for easy spot cleaning .


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