• Modular Pools is a leading technology 100% from Australia and manufactured under the highest quality standards by using both Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) & Reinforcement Concrete Base combination to provide a specific set of strength including corrosion resistant, abrasion resistance & light weight.
  • The Modular Pools body consists of combination of two types of (FRP) panels, floor panels and wall panels. Freedom of combination enables meeting a broad range of requirement in pool size, depth and slope.
  • Modular Pools panels are manufactured with specially formulated resins and gel-coat to provide improved performance over standard panels.
  • Modular Pools wall panels constructed of Pre-fabricated Fiberglass panels that are reinforced and locked into position to make above neat wall.
  • Modular Pools panels can be countersunk in a concrete slab once bolted together and leveled.
  • Modular Pools panels can sit on existing platform with concrete floor poured inside paneled area or Fiberglass Floor Panel can be used on top of the existing floor.


Modular Pools Complete Tiles System :

  • Prepared specifically for use with swimming pools, high quality Ceramic/Mosaic tile keeps beautiful surface over a long period of time.
  • Modular Pools panels are treated post installation for a complete tile finish .Inside Fiberglass tape is applied to seal joints between panels.
  • Spectrum tiles waterproofing is applied across all the surfaces. The internal tile finishes is applied and finished by using Spectrum tiles glue and grout.


Modular Pools Gel-Coat Combination System :

  • Modular Pools panels are also available with a Gel-coat finishes, this combination would be suitable when a unique style is desired or the cost of tilling is prohibitive to the project budget.
  • All pre-finished Gel-coat panels are delivered to project site with a protective coating.
  • Modular Pools offers a variety of colored finishes along with Gel-coat combination system to create a wide range of effects.


Unique Modular Swimming Pools

Modular pools is one of the Malaysia Swimming Pool contractor utilize the latest composite technology to create exciting modern pools. Contact us now & share your idea with us, we get you started.